Change Crop Orientation in Adobe Lightroom

Change Crop Orientation in Adobe Lightroom

Here’s a quick tip that, sadly, I just now discovered in Adobe Lightroom. I’d say I’m quite familiar with the tools and capabilities of Adobe Lightroom, however, one thing has always baffled me. While cropping an image, I could never get the crop tool to switch from landscape orientation to portrait. I like to constrain my cropping proportions so that if I ever need to print my images, I won’t have any letter boxing. The easiest way to do that is to “lock” proportions. However, if you do that, you can’t change the orientation, or so I thought.

Prior to finding this tip, I just used “Custom” and dragged the crop box wherever I wanted. If you simply press the letter “X” while cropping, your orientation will swap from landscape to portrait, and vise versa. I wish Adobe would make this option a little more apparent to it’s large user base.

And there you go! That’s all there is to it!

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