Full Screen Putty

Full Screen Putty

I’m a Windows SysAdmin. But just because I deal with Windows machines for most of the day doesn’t mean that I don’t interact with Linux at all. I often find myself using Putty to open an SSH connection to a Linux server and do all sorts of administrative tasks in there as well.

Many times I deal with proxy servers, and have to manually add a whitelisted website for someone. I’m not nearly as fluent in the Linux architecture as I am with Windows, but I don’t feel hindered by the terminal even in the slightest.

The other day, I found myself playing with Vim and NerdTree. As I was doing so, I thought to myself, “Man, this would be a lot better full screen.” Turns out I didn’t know how to do that. Naturally, I resorted to my windows-native commands like “Control + Enter” (which works in a windows command prompt), but obviously didn’t work here.

After a little searching, I found that if you hold Control and then [right-click], Putty would provide you with the option of “Full Screen”.

Easy peasy. It’s stupid, but it made my life easier. Figured I’d share.

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