Here’s to actually sticking with something

Here’s to actually sticking with something

When I was 16 (yes, I’m young, okay?), I had the idea for a Tech Blog. Not that it had never been done before or anything, but it’s just that ever since the age of 9, technology is the only hobby or thing in my life that I’ve consistently held interest in. I’m not sure why I wanted to start one, but I just figured it would be a good way of tracking my progress and learning of various technologies, as well as helping others in anyway, if possible. I got about three posts in, got discouraged, thought “this is stupid”, and told myself that I would never in any way, shape, or form be able to compete with the larger tech blogs like CNet, TechCrunch, or TUAW (now iMore).

But now, I’m kicking myself. In hindsight, I keep thinking to myself, “Imagine the web presence you could have had, if only you had hung on for all these years.” Well, recently, I’ve had a bit of motivation (or maybe it’s procrastination of more important things), and I’ve decided to actually stick to this blog. It’s been going for about six months now, and I plan on continuing the trend.

I have another blog dealing with the religious aspect of my life, and it’s actually proven to be successful (at least in my book), getting around 30,000 hits a month. It’s not incredible, and I haven’t been very great at posting lately, but it’s really rewarding to see what I’ve been able to achieve by keeping it running for around a year and a half.

So, here’s to actually sticking with something, for once in my life.

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