MathesonDigital WordPress Theme

MathesonDigital WordPress Theme

So I made a WordPress Theme.

Why? Because I’m sick of everything else on the internet. And that’s not to say that there aren’t some great themes out there. There are some truly incredible themes. And they do everything. The problem is, however, that I don’t need everything. All I need is a simple page that is aesthetically pleasing, and quick. And that’s about it. No frills, no fuss, no crazy configuration options, nothing.

So many of you might be asking then, “Bryce, why not just use a static site generator for your blog?” Good question. Been there, done that. And it was fine. I’m definitely a fan of Jekyll. The speed of a static site is great. For the first little while, I missed the features that came with a back-end language (PHP is my backend language of choice, which means WordPress works great for me), and some of the database features too. But of course, those are the benefits of a static site. I quickly was able to cope with some of the losses through the use of third-party commenting systems, like Disqus, but then I quickly found that I didn’t even care about that. You’ll notice that on this site, I’ve completely omitted the comment system.

But the main reason I ditched the static site generator were the painfully slow build times. My blog used to showcase a lot of my photography, and so I probably had around 50 posts total overall, most of which were photos. Everytime I made a little, itty-bitty change, it would have to regenerate, and take about 3-5 minutes per generation. That might not sound like a lot, but it would have to regenerate each and every time, regardless of how small of a change I made. And I’m one of those “code-and-check-and-code-and-check-some-more” type people. I don’t have enough confidence in myself to code lines and lines and lines of code before checking my work.

Another thing that I really missed also, was the ability to update the blog from anywhere I wanted. All of my static files were on my laptop at home, making it extremely difficult to access. Yeah, people mention options like Dropbox or whatever, but that’s just a hassle. WordPress works great for what I need, and because I don’t jam-pack my sites full of crappy third-party plugins, it works reasonably well.

If you like what you see, you’re free to use it. You can head over to my GitHub and grab it off of there. As I mention in the Readme, I didn’t really design the theme to be “user-friendly”, however. There’s no admin panel, there’s no fancy color changing options, blech. No, none of that. If I were designing this theme for mass use, or planning on selling it, of course I would have incorporated those features. But I just made it for my purposes, therefore any changes that you’ll want to make (aside from small menu adjustments, adding things to the footer, and adding banner images) will have to be done via code. But that should be the ultimate goal anyway, shouldn’t it?

It’s decently fast. And it’s responsive, too. Google Page Insights only ranks me a 65/100, which I think is a bit of bull, but maybe I’ll take the time to go back and fix it at some point. I’ve been working on this project all weekend, and to be honest, I’m pretty sick of it and just ready to be done.

So anyway, enough rambling. Here’s a cool theme if you want to use it.

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